The Future

Nowt planned at the moment.

The Past

My recent past....

27th June 2007 - The Chaplaincy, University of Warwick. Gig for Warwick Uni writers magazine society prize winners awards. With Chris McMath and The Frolics.

26th June 2007 - Rootes Field, University of Warwick. Bandsoc picnic, with The Frolics.

26th June 2007 - The Piazza, University of Warwick. Scaffolding the Skyline @ Bandsoc/Student Arts Festival festival.

20th June 2007 - The Jug and Jester, Leamington Spa. Scaffolding the Skyline supporting Jaffa Rose with Air Fiji.

3rd May 2007 - Superconnected @ the Jug and Jester, Leamington Spa. Scaffolding the Skyline. With Wait...Alaska and Club Silencio.

24th March 2007 - Leam 'n' Aid 2007, Robbin's Well, Leamington Spa.

10th March 2007 - UoW Acoustic Battle fo the Bands, Final.

6th March 2007 - UoW Battle fo the Bands, Runners Up Heat. (Scaffolding the Skyline)

3rd February 2007 - UoW Acoustic Battle fo the Bands, Heat 2.

1st February 2007 - UoW Battle fo the Bands, Heat 2. (Scaffolding the Skyline)

17th January 2007 - Lockstock, Lock Dock and Barrel, Leamington Spa. With Young and the Damned, Cause of Accident, New Theory and Noise Brigade.

3rd December 2006 - People & Planet gig, Graduate Club, UoW, 8pm.

28th November 2006 - 9pm - 10pm, RaW Radio Warwick, Live set and interview.

6th November 2006 - Oxjam, Graduate Club, UoW SU. With Fock, Proffesor Plum, Carter Manouevre and Replica Eggs.

12th October 2006 - The Bar, Rootes Social Building, University of Warwick. With The Rrrrrrrrs and New Theory.

7th October 2006 - Unplugged @ The Graduate, University of Warwick.

June 2006 - Piazza, University of Warwick. Oxfam gig.

22nd March 2006 - Altalia Bar, Llanelli. Julia Harris, Valerie Crowe, Jason Morgan, and Rhys & Jess.

16th March 2006 - The Copper Pot, Leamington.

11th March 2006 - Leam 'n' Aid 2006, Acoustic Stage, Robbins Well, Leamington. Charity gig all day festival.

15th February 2006 - The White Horse, Leamington. Breast Cancer charity acoustic gig.

9th February 2006 - UoW, Bandsoc Battle of the Bands, Heat 3 - Graduate Club, UoW SU.

2nd November 2005 - The White Horse, Leamington Spa.

13th October 2005 - John Peel Day, Market Place, Warwick University.

21st June 2005 - Warwick Students Arts Festival, Piazza, Warwick University.

17th May 2005 - Kellys Bar, Leamington Spa. Supporting Ryobi. Download

21st April 2005 - Alive 'n' Well, Robbin's Well, Leamington Spa. Benefit gig for Teenage Cancer Trust.

13th March 2005 - Sip Coffee Bar, Leamington Spa. Freshblood event.

22nd of February 2005 - RaW - Radio Warwick, acoustic battle of the bands, heat 3.

15th of February 2005 - Leam 'n' Aid Tsunami Fundraiser, Robbins Well, 2 Victoria Terrace, Leamington.
12 hours of live music on two stages. Played at the basement acoustic stage.

30th of January 2005 - RAF, The Graduate, UoW SU.
Roots, acoustic and folk night.

14th of January 2005 - Dylanfest, Spencer Sports, Albany Road, Earlsdon.
A tribute gig to Robert Allen Zimmerman. "A celebration of the great man's work for fans and Dylan newcomers."

14th of November 2004 - Bar 54/45?, Coventry.

October 2004 - The Graduate Bar, Warwick SU

June 2004 - The Big Easy, Cryfield Sports Pavilion, UoW.

3rd of February 2004 - Live on RaW, Acoustic Battle of the Bands - Radio Warwick. >>Download

Pre-solo project dates.