Jasonpmorgan on Myspace - my Myspace page.
Daniel Morgan - my brother's music homepage.
Scaffolding the Skyline - semi-instrumental post-rock.
Arbendigeidfran - 2005 instrumental/electronic/woodwind project.
The Boney Kings of Nowhere - an old band I played with; some interesting jazzed-up, funked-out, dubbed-down rock (but not in the way you think).
Leni Ward - a singer songwriting lady comparable to the Ramones.
Parasol - Aled Price flexing some post-rock muscles.
Artimus Crisis - my brother's old pop rock band which I played bass for.
Cyclamen - Hayato Imanishi's mental solo project.
Men In Caves - cool Leamington based band.

UoW Bandsoc - the Warwick uni band society website, seeing as I'm at Warwick University.
Sonic One Studios - Tim Hamill's recording studio.
The Llanelli Underground - all kinds of subterranean activity; music, comedy, sport. A good forum too.

Bandsoc Forum
- a forum for the society mentioned above.
- message board for Coventry and Midlands based live music.
Home Recording - a great resource for recording info; however be careful as you are talking with complete randoms.


1 and 1 - the people who give me webspace.
AMC Photographics - a photographer with lots of unsigned band photography from around the midlands combined with raising donations to Cancer Research UK.
Physoc - UoW Physics Society. I'm the 3rd year rep - I don't know what I do.
UK Technical Support - just incase you're having computer troubles.