Got reminded today to update this site a bit. I hadn't really bothered as I haven't done much music lately. I thought I'd lost my ftp login details but managed to find them. I should probably put some cool Flashplayer stuff on here but I don't know how. News wise I'm having an operation tomorrow, and I should really start a blog. Been listening extensively to Modest Mouse and ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.


I've completely neglected updating this site for months. I realised ages ago I should update it with something, but kept procrastinating. During this time I have graduated from Warwick Uni, been to Prague, cleaned shelves at ASDA Llanelli, moved to Leeds and started a PhD. Hopefully some new music will happen sometime soon.



Got a gig this Thursday with Scaffolding the Skyline at the Jug and Jester in Leamington. Apart from that, still lots of work to do, still have a degree to finish. Been listening quite a lot to Explosions in the Sky - "The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place". Very good revision music.



I came 3rd or so in the Acoustic Battle of the Bands. Scaffolding the Skyline came 2nd in the main Battle of the Bands runners up, which was pretty cool. No gigs for a while now though, must pass degree. Been listening to Cake "Pressure Chief" and Euros Childs "Bore Da".



News news news. I'm through to the final of the Warwick Uni Acoustic Battle of the Bands, on 10th March. The postrock band, currently named "Scaffolding the Skyline" are through to the runners up heat of the big Battle of the Bands on the 6th March. Whoever wins that get into the final on the 13th March. I'm well busy!



Hmm have completely forgotten to update my site for about 2 months. Anyway, tomorrow night, I'm playing with a post-rock-eqsue band in the Warwick Uni Battle of the Bands, the band is called Skaffolding the Skyline. Also this Saturday (3rd of Feb) I'm playing a solo set in the acoustic Battle of the Bands. Then, on the 13th I'm playing solo in another heat of the big Battle of the Bands. How I have time to do all? this you may wonder. So do I.



Some gig updates! I'm playing a live radio set on Tuesday (28th November/tomorrow); tune in at radio.warwick.ac.uk at 9pm.
Then on the 3rd December I'll be playing at a People & Planet gig, at the Graduate Bar, UoW campus. I'm guessing 8pm onwards, it should be good.

Other news: the new EP/demo/recording is more or less mixed now. May have to make a first batch on CDRs, either that or wait for ages till I have some money!



Two in one week, here is another petition - Deddf Yr Iaith, for a new Welsh Language Act that will provide official status and a Commissioner for the Welsh language. I recieved an email from Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg asking me to sport this attractive little banner on my site.

Deddf Iaith Newydd - Llofnodwch y ddeiseb!



Please check out this link >> www.dotcym.org

A petition for aquiring a ".CYM" domain for Welsh websites. Only fair I think!



I've finally got my computer set up and am back online. It's been a while since my last update. Since then I have been to and returned from Dublin where I completed a rather messy work placement, been home to South Wales and dossed about, and now returned to the Midlands to finish off this degree. Played at the new Unplugged event at the Graduate on Saturday night; worth checking out.

Some new recordings are on the way, more or less finished mixes are up on myspace www.myspace.com/jasonpmorgan
I believe I'm playing a gig this Thursday 12th October at Rootes Bar, UoW.

Bare with some of the links on the site atm, some are terribly out of date and need updating or removing...



This is gonna be the last update for a while probably. I'm away in Dublin for 11 weeks from Sunday, doing some research at Trinity College. Wooooo. Although there's not much to report atm. Hope you're having a good Summer! Regards, Jason.



Since last time I have travelled home to Wales and back. Played my first ever gig as a solo act in my hometown of Llanelli - at Altalia on Stepney Street. Sunday night I returned to the Midlands and lived out a childhood dream that for about 10 years I thought was never gonna come true - I saw Kula Shaker live. Awesome.

Been listening to Kraftwerk "Computer World", Elliott Smith "Figure 8" and Radio 4 "The New Song and Dance".



Gig Tonight - The Copper Pot, Leamington. 8pm, free admission.

Other news - Leam 'n' Aid was a success and I ended up on the front page of the BBC Coventry/Warwickshire webpage. Woooo. A small gallery is available here. Pictures by Annie Chalmers. More links to photos will be up soon.

Been listening to Rufus WAinwright "Rufus Wainwright", Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and Led Zeppelin "Led Zeppelin".



Leam 'n' Aid Festival 2006 - 11th March - Robbins Well - Leamington - 12 noon till very late.

All day charity fundraising festival. I'm returning to the basement acoustic stage, 9:35pm. 4 entry I think. Last year this was a very successful event and raised 2,500 for the DEC, Tsunami Appeal, so everyone please come along this year and support the bands and charity! (have yet to find out what this year's charity is.)

The full line up can be found here.



Been really busy with studies and Welshsoc related adventures to Dublin dressed as a viking. Came 3rd in my Battle of the Bands heat, out of 7 full bands, which I'm pretty pleased about.

Listened a fair bit to Simon and Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water" - beautiful.



University of Warwick, Bandsoc, Battle of the Bands, 9th February. I've entered the BOTB competition - should be fun. I'm heat number 3.

I meant to update the site about a week and a half ago but forgot. Been listening to Bjork "Debut", De La Soul "Three Feet High and Rising" and Deftones "Around the Fur" quite a bit.



Happy new year! Wooo. Haven't achieved much over Christmas but "Studio Jase" should be expanding quite soon. The downloads page here has been updated with songs I recorded over the Summer with Daniel Morgan, and recordings of a set I played on Radio Warwick last year.

Been listening to Weezer "Pinkerton" quite a lot as the record I ordered months ago finally arived. Been enjoying Soulwax "Any Minute Now" and Rufus Wainwright "Poses". Got Tom Waits "Beautiful Maladies" for Christmas - lots of his stuff while with Island Records - awesome.



Attempts to aquire a new sound card haven't worked, despite being quite a simple thing to do. Once I do I've got a couple of songs on 4 track to mix, they're quite overdue now.

Been listening to the latest Paul McCartney album "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" - the only things he's done since the Beatles that have been any good are "Live and Let Die" and this. Good to hear him finally doing what he's good at again. Gave Offspring "Americana" a revisit yesterday - not quite the same "sound of angry young men" sound as previous albums but some awesome tunes, except one or two. Still listening to loads and loads of Elliott Smith.



Gig tonight @ The White Horse, Leamington. Haven't done a pub gig in a while, so should be cool.

Have been listening to the back catalogue of Elliott Smith quite a lot recently. Queens of the Stoneage "Songs for the Deaf" has been getting a lot of plays, as well as "Queens of the Stoneage". Listened today to noting so far - it's early morning. Listened earlier to Radio 4 "Gotham!", not as gripping as I used to find it, however I used to play it a lot - needs more time.



Played at John Peel day at Warwick Students Union yesterday - was a good day of live music. Had to miss the end of it to go to the first Welsh Society social of the year - couldn't be late seeing as I'm this year's chairman.

Been listening to Jimmy Eat World "Clarity", Tenacious D "Tenacious D", Leonard Cohen "Songs of Leonard Cohen" and my random Onelinedrawing tape. Bought the first Foo Fighters album the other day - hadn't heard it for years and it's awesome. Anything after the first two albums isn't really worth bothering with very much.



Came back from Leeds Music Festival on Monday. Favourite bands of the weekend were probably The Crimea and Gratitude. Was all great apart from the riotting and explosions :).

My guitars have been with a luthier for about 2 weeks and should be getting them back on Saturday! Yay! Listening to a Onelinedrawing tape, don't know the album name or most of the song names. Very good though.



Site updated with a new downloads page - songs off most recordings I've ever been on along with general demo stuff.

Spent last weekend at Brecon Jazz Festival. It reminded me that I used to be able to play, although no where near as good as some of the musicians there! I've recently dusted off my electric guitar for a new project and I've also joined a Weezer cover band as well as a Pixies cover band a few weeks back. Been listening to David Bowie "The Man Who Sold the World", K T Tunstall "Eye to the Telescope", Leonard Cohen "Songs of Love and Hate" and Weezer "Weezer" (blue).



The website is finally back up and running! Possibly a redesign soon? Maybe.

For the last four months I've listened a lot to Gruff Rhys "Yr Atal Genhedlaeth", Elliott Smith in general and Ben Kweller "Sha Sha". Today, I've been listening to Super Furry Animals "Phantom Power", David Gilmour "David Gilmour" and Kings of Leon "Aha Shake Heartbreak".



I've been pretty well exam-ed for the last few weeks but that's all gone for now. Robbin's Well gig was cool - lots of money raised for a good cause. The Sip gig also was cool despite me actually being asleep the whole night - (coffee with brandy in is goood).

Albums frequenting my turntable and CD player for the last month have been Crowded House "Together Alone", Elliot Smith "From A Basement On The Hill", Elvis Costello "Armed Forces", Super Furry Animals "Radiator" and The Mars Volta "Frances The Mute".



Lots of work to do! Keep finding myself distracted by things like updating this website.

Again go to SimonJenkins's sponsor page. He's hitch-hiking to Morocco to raise money for Link Community Development.

Check out www.dkmorgan.co.uk - my good brother's home page (it obviously doesn't look as good as my site). Lots of his music to download.

Listened to Ben Folds "Ben Folds Live" and Elliot Smith "Either/Or", just put on Brian Wilson "Smile".



Radio Warwick ABOTB went well. Played a slightly rushed set and got cut short but I hadn't worked out what I was supposed to play next anyway! The set should be on the site fairly soon.

I hadn't touched my guitar in over two weeks until earlier today.

Listening to Frank Black "Teenager of the Year" - it gets even better every time you listen to it.


17/02/05 Surfin' UoW

Leam'n'aid went really well. Enjoyed playing my set very much, the crowd wasn't huge at half 4 in the afternoon but the atmosphere was really nice. Over 2500 got raised for the Tsunami appeal and I got wasted (which is good because a percentage of the bar money went to the appeal as well :) ).

Playing on Radio Warwick RaW acoustic battle of the bands on Tuesday night between 7 and 9. It can be listened to online at www.radio.warwick.ac.uk and going to the link at the top left.

A blog by a(nother) friend of mine called Simon (Parry) - Si's Random Trips' Blog.

I've been listening to the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" - Brian Wilson is a genius.



Mwy O Achosion Da
SimonJenkins - Sponsor this man to hitchhike to Morocco for charity.



Pinch Punch
Played RAF Sunday night - it was a good night - live music, poetry readings and flute playing.

Playing at Leam 'n' Aid, Robbin's Well this coming Saturday, I don't know what time; mid afternoon it seems.



Thanks to Sim who has set up my site on his webspace - no more geocities popups!

I should be playing on Sunday 30th January at RAF, The Graduate, UoW SU. Starts approx 7ish, free entry I assume.

Been listening to Elliot Smith "Either/Or", Easyworld "This is Where I Stand" and Sigur Ros "Ny Battery".



Haha, just adapted the site to use frames. I know it's not the most revolutionary of web-design techniques but hopefully everything makes a bit more sense now. I might add some colours soon aswell.

Been listening to The Crocketts "Great Brain Robbery".



"Leam 'n' Aid".
Promotional material for Leam 'n' Aid.
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
See below for details (more details probably coming soon) or visit www.kingtide.co.uk and follow the various links.

Been listening to Outer Service "The Album of Chong"; listening to Elvis Costello "When I Was Cruel".



"Leam 'n' Aid", Saturday 5th February, Robbin's Well, Leamington Spa. 1pm till 1am.
Another tsunami fund raising festival. This is going to be a great day of live bands and various other money raising activities.

One Welsh Week.
Warwick University Welsh Society have a stall at Warwick University "One World Week", this Monday 17th Jan. The whole event lasts from Thursday 13 January to Saturday 22 January and is the largest student-run internation festival event in the world - a chance to absorb vast amounts of culture.

This page is turning into some sort of blog.

Listening to Cake "Fashion Nugget" again, have also been listening today to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "So Far", British Sea Power "The Decline of British Sea Power" and some random live Shellac.


12/01/05 O Coventry Gyda Cariad.

From Coventry With Love, Sunday February 6th @ the Colosseum, 5pm, 5 entry.
A big Tsunami disaster fund raiser that I'm helping to promote, all money goes to helping the cause. There's alot of fundraising events going on at the moment plus this sounds like a really good night so it'll be doubly good! Here is the promotional flyer.

This page format is not going to work.

Listening to Cake "Fashion Nugget".


09/01/05 Things.

Bob Dylan tribute.
Dylanfest, Friday 14th January, Spencer Sports, Earlsdon. I'll be performing "Mama, You Been On My Mind" and "Ballad of a Thin Man".

I need to make a better website.

So far today I've been listening to Kula Shaker "K", Air "Talkie Walkie" and Aqualung "Aqualung".


02/10/04 Hello and welcome.

There's not much here as of yet so I've kept the navigation simple and I do realise that the site looks crap (try an ignore the Yahoo pop-up on your right) - I find it a bit strange making a website about myself, but I figure it's a good way to make some of my music available to anyone who might want to listen. For the last year I've been working on a set of fairly miserable but standard pop songs intended for solo performance rather than the fairly miserable but lengthy material of my earlier band ventures. I should have a couple of new recordings up pretty soon but I'm otherwise occupied with the real world at the moment as I much prefer it to an online existence. Please feel free to surf away to your heart's content.